Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, Inc.

Here is Desi and Lucy (2 for 1)

These pets have special needs

Desi and Lucy

Black and Tan Coonhound/Rottweiler Mix

Desi and Lucy have the typical pack bonding of hounds and cannot be seperated.  They have known only two homes and are skittish with new people.  They are looking for the special person who understands pack behavier and will be patient while the learn to trust and accept their new person into thier pack.  Desi is slightly more confident. Once he adjusts to his new surroundings, he is bouncy and playful and takes ownership of the couch.  He is ver protective of Lucy.  Lucy takes her cue from Desi and will wait for Desi to accept his new people before approaching.  Once Lucy is secure in her new home she is a loving companionand totally devoted.  Lucy especially likes to have her ears massaged.  Lucy and Desi are looking for that special hound lover who understands they mus keep both dogs together and it could take a month or more for the new owner to be accepted into Desi and Lucy's pack.  Until then they are residents of our SANCTUARY  PROGRAM and eligible for a sponsorship.  Please contact us for details

These pets are up to date with routine shots.