Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance

These pets are Special Needs pets, and prefer home without Children.

Size:  Medium
Age:  Adult
Sex:  Female
I.D. #12

Angie and her sisters Amber and Amy are white and carmel colored with beautiful coats.  She was  rescued along with her sisters and have been abused by children.  They are in our SANCUARY CARE PROGRAM as they cannot be trusted with children.  She and her sisters  need a lot of love and attention to erase the memory af abuse.  She is a happy dog and somewhat shy of strangers.  If you would like to sponsor Angie, .50 cents fill feed Angie, and $3.50  will feed her for one week.  $15.00 will feed Angie for a month.

Angie is up to date with routine shots.


Labrador Retriever, Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler

Angies Sister

Angies Sister