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Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, Inc.

Adoption Contract


Adopter's Acknowledgement of Terms - I hereby acknowledge receipt of the above described animal and therefore agree to the following terms:
            A.                The pet is not to reside anywhere without a fenced yard.
            B.                The pet will not be chained to a pet house or chained outside to any type of
                                object or outbuilding.
            C.                The pet is not to live in a garage, pet house, or any type of outbuilding.
            D.                Shelter from weather must be provided for the pet at any time that the pet is
                                outside if the weather is extreme heat, extreme cold, or any other weather
                                conditions that may endanger the health of the pet.
            E.                The pet is not to remain solely in a crate while indoors, only while the adopter is                                     not home, if at all, and not for more than eight (8) hours a day.
            F.                The pet is not to be left with small children at anytime when unattended by an
            G.                The adopter must provide rescuer with the name of the veterinarian the pet is
                                going to and notify rescuer if there is a change.
            H.                The pet must remain on heartworm preventative all year round and subject to
                                to yearly heartworm test.  Such results must be made available to the rescuer
                                upon request.
            I.                The pet shall not be trained, encouraged, nor misrepresented for the purpose
                               of protection, aggression, or any aggravated display of behavior.
            J.                The pet is to have adequate food, water, and shelter at all times.
            K.               The adopter shall regrain from physical abuse of the animal and from otherwise
                               treating the animal in an inhumane manner.


Change of Address and Notification - The adopter agree to notify no more than ten (10) days prior to change of address, change of environment that will affect the pet, or any incident involving animal control and/or complaints  arising from said ownership of the pet.

Costs of Enforcement - Should it become necessary for the rescuer to take action to recover an adopted pet or otherwise enforce the provisions of the adoption contract agreement, the undersigned adopter(s)  will be responsible for all court costs and all attorney fees representing either the adopter or rescuer.



Confidentiality - This is a confidential agreement between the adopter and the rescuer.

Right of Ownership - The pet adopted from rescue is "sole Property" of rescue and has been surrendered as such by private owners or animal facilities that have signed  a statement agreeing that the above mentioned pet is not owned property of any other person, firm or organization.  Rescuer shall not be held liable, charged, or chargeable, for any misrepresentations unkown to this rescuer.


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