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Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, Inc.

Adoption Contract

in the year



This agreement is made this



day of

hereinafter referred to as the "adopter".


The adopter hereby understands, promises, and agrees that in receipt of this pet to forever release, discharge and covenent to hold harmless rescuer and by other person, firm, or organization charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors, and assigns from any and all claims, damages, and costs, occurrence from the present time and particularity on account of the adoption of:


Pet's Call Name:

I.D. Number:






hereinafter referred to as "this pet" or the "pet".


The adopter hereby declares that no representations about the nature of the adopted pet, nor any representations regarding the nature and extent of legal liability or of financial responsibility have induced the adopter to sign this contract.

In consideration of a donation in the amount of $


the adopter acknowledges the

provisions as defined:


Fee - The donation is not a fee or sale price, but a request to defer or reimburse rescuer for any and all medical expenses, or any other expenses incurred by the pet or rescuer to consider the pet for adoption.


Spay/Neuter Agreement -  This is a contract of MANDATORY Spay/Neuter as defined herein.  The spay agreement is an agreement that the pet will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding.  The rescuers's pet adopted as a puppy will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  If the pet's age does not allow spay prior to adoption, the puppy will be spayed/neutered by (5) five months of age.  If the pet's health does not allow spay/neuter, this agreement to be honored permanent ownership by the adopter is contengent upon veterinary statement. This statement will be by the veterinarian that has seen this pet, examined this pet and has evaluated this pet as not yet in emotional and/or physical condition for spay/neuter.  Based on this situation, rescuer, not the adopter, and the veterinarian will extend the length of time to be spayed/neutered immediately after the pet's condition has improved.

Verification of sterilization by the veterinarian is to be mailed to rescuer within fourteen (14) days of the spay/neuter.  It is the responsibility of the adopter, not the veterinarian, to be sure that rescuer has received this statement.  If this agreement is not honored the adopter will acknowledge and agree that the contract has been violated and the adopter will transport the pet back to rescuer with no refund.

Collars and Tags - The pet shall at all times be required to wear a nylon or leather buckle collar with the rabies tag, identification tag (displaying the home address) and the country license.  The chain collar  (often referenced as a choke chain) will only be used to walk the pet on a leash.


Transfer of Ownership/Returns/Refund/Transport - The pet shall not be sold, given to, or adopted to anyone else, nor shall there be any transfer of wonership to any firm, corporation, or organization of other homeless animals, such as another rescue facility, or research facility.


Surrender/Returns:  The pet adopted from rescuer must be returned to rescuer, as provided below, if for any reason, the adopter can no longer keep it.  Violation of this agreement will result in court costs and attorney fees payable by the adopter if necessary for rescue to redeem the pet or forfeiture of the total donation fee if transport and other time requirements are not met.



Refund Policy:  If for any reason, the adopter wishes to return the pet and a donation fee has been paid, there shall be no refund.  


Transport Policy - If a pet is returned, the adopter has the responsibility to return the pet to its original foster home location, or to a closer foster home location if determined available in the sole discretion of the rescuer group.  The rescuer group has up to a two-weeks time period to make the foster home arrangements for such pet that is to be returned.

Training - The adopter promises that under no circumstances will the pet be trained to develop a dual personality, as defined: no protection, attack, schutzhund, or guard pet training is permitted.  The pet will not be encouraged to show any aggressive or agitated behavier.  The pet will be a family member only and only participate in good citizen, basic obedience, search and rescue, therepy pet trainin, or service pet training.  The pet will not be maintained as property or for the purpose of being a deterrent due to size, appearance, or display and encourangement of territorial behavier.


Health Program - The adopter promises that any pet adopted as a puppy shall begin heartworm preventative at four (4) months of age when receiving the rabies shot as required by law.  The pet shall remain on heartworm preventative indefinitely throughout the entire lifespan of the pet.  Rescuer reserves the right to verify with the adopter's veterinarian that the heartworm preventative has been purchased and that the pet has a regular blood test for this purpose as advised by their veterinarian.  The pet shall also have yearly booster shots of DHLPPC.  The adult pet when adopted will be seen by a veterinarian within (5) five days of the adoption date to start the heartworm preventative program and to get a fecal test done to be sure the pet is free of parasites.  Rescuer reserves the right to check with the veterinarian at anytime to verify that all the basic health requirements are being done.  Renewal of rabies vaccine is required by law and therefore by the terms of this contract.  


Cosmetic Surgery - Unless directly by a licensed veterinarian for reasons related to the health and welfare of the pet, cosmetic surgery will not be preformed under any circumstances, including but not limited to tail docking or ear cropping.



Transportation - The pet will not ride unsecured in the back of the pickup truck under any circumstances except transport in securely attached or fastened, fully enclosed pet porter/plastic kennels will be allowed for short, infrequent trips to vet, new locations, etc.  will be allowed.  The pet shall not remain in any vehicle (inside with windows down or in the back of a pickup truck) in extreme heat or left unattended for any amount of time).  

Adequate Fencing - The adopter agrees that the definition of an adequate fence is a fence that encloses a yard or a large pen, larger than the outdoor kennels.  An adequate fence is one that prevents the pet within to go out of the area by jumping, digging, or exiting through gates not properly secured.  The fence will prevent any other animal from entering the property the pet lives on and will be secure enough to prevent intruders or small children from easily gaining entry.  The adequate fence does not include a split rail, electric, or invisible fence.  If the pet should be able to jump over, or dig under the fence, it is no longer an adequate fence and must be repaired by either raising it or sealing any and all weak spots immediately.  This decision on whether a home is adequately fenced will be made by rescuer, not by the adopter.



Rescuer's Reservation of Rights - Rescuer reserves the right to follow up on this adoption to inspect the animal and where the animal is kept for the sole purpose of determining compliance with the terms of the contract by making a personal visit to the premises of the adopter at anytime during the entire lifespan of the pet.  If the terms and conditions of this contract are not upheld by the adopter and/or any misrepresentations have been made to by the adopter, rescuer reserves the right to terminate this contract and the adopters will agree to allow a representative of rescuer to reclaim the pet without notice or refund.  The adopter further agrees to pay liquidated damages in the amount of fifty dollars perr day for every day that the adopter fails to comply with the agreement terms or willingly surrender the pet at time the incident  has become knowledge to rescuer.  Rescuer's reservation of rights also includes not adopting a pet into an area or environment that may endanger the life of the pet, which includes relocating with the pet after the adoption agreement.  If the pet becomes lost, seriously injured, and or permanently disfigured, or for any reason the pet dies the rescuer must be notified immediately.

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by and between Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, Inc., hereinafter referred to as "rescuer," and